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Why can’t I breath anymore?
Your words swirl around my face,
suffocating me into a catatonic state.

I try to find meaning in your words, the ones you use as weapons, the ones you use to hide meaning, exploiting them, exploiting me.

How dare you?

Words are for gentle caressing of the soul, a soft whisper buried in the hair of your lover

You’ve perverted them, and they seep like oil into a bird’s back.
Unreachable but not gone, destroying what was once beautiful.

And you don’t stop, forked tongue between teeth,
(Between my teeth…)

Why Am I Important To You?
A study in Brown, my hair, my eyes, my skin.
There are hidden waters that you seek
deep, dark, and raging. 

You want my ultraviolet voice to flow into your ear,
(you do not know what you ask for)

Fair warning:

It’ll crawl into you,
lighting you from within,

You’re bright,

You’re a star,

A shooting star with an oil slick tail;
(and I’m just so much stardust following your trail).

Published by AGirlDelighted

Why don't you come to my house? Why don't you drag me right out? Past all the shit that I said, I'm saying Why don't you cut up my mouth? And I don't care what you use Just don't ask me to choose I forced a field to allow you That's not so easy to do I said, I said what I said I want you to help me (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Locked in a body In love with the process of... Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open Night light comes into my room Some shade of bruise-colored blue Moves through my mind like a chemical Imbalance on schedule Rend It by Fugazi

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