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To you I’m a warm aura
A fire contained
And I’m jealous of that warmth
Because for me, you reside so deeply in my chest that the sunlight doesn’t touch you
You are where certain dark things are to be loved
Between the shadow and the soul
So if I was cracked open
Pieces of you would fall out
And I don’t know if I can hold the both of us away from the world forever.
Until then I hold you in my body
Closer to my heart, than to my lips
I dream that is enough
Because what we are can disappear
A morning dew drop on the leaf
If you so choose
Because I can’t.
Having little bits of you
Is like sharp stained glass
How can I ever leave when I’ve fallen in love with our reflection?
A thousand times a day
I have to walk this world without you
And people are beginning to notice my limp
What I’m I supposed to say?
I am no ghost, no slippery cliff
I can’t go between both worlds effortlessly
My body is starting to fray, and I know you will spill out
It’ll be a dazzling catastrophe.

Published by AGirlDelighted

Why don't you come to my house? Why don't you drag me right out? Past all the shit that I said, I'm saying Why don't you cut up my mouth? And I don't care what you use Just don't ask me to choose I forced a field to allow you That's not so easy to do I said, I said what I said I want you to help me (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Locked in a body In love with the process of... Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open Night light comes into my room Some shade of bruise-colored blue Moves through my mind like a chemical Imbalance on schedule Rend It by Fugazi

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