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For days I tried
To decide
Which part of you to write about first
Can one poem hold all of you?
Can a thousand?

Your essence is untouchable
You’re calm, funny, and true
Your long dark beard
Or the height of your muscular masculine body isn’t what defines you
(I want to press my small hands against you)

Emerald green
And stormy sky blue
(tinged with copper)
A masterpiece landscape all in your eyes alone
Your gaze pierces all my defenses
Or is it when you look at me
And don’t realize I’m watching you too?
Somehow I’m able to ignite your eyes
With my neon voice
And if that was my only purpose in life
I’d live it gladly and gratefully
(I want to press my honeyed thighs against you)

And when you sing and play guitar
The other women
(And men)
In the room
Look to me for reassurance
That you’re not about to run off with their unauthorized affection
Because they’d be helpless to fight you
(I want to press my impatient hips against you)

My first attempt at capturing you
my big bear,
Was to write an erotic poem
But only sensual words came out
Because you light my brain on fire
So my prose is warm
Melted gold nector
And heroin instead
(I want to press my cinnamon lips against you)

So should I speak about your large, calloused hands
Tough from lifting and gripping?
And the way they turn lustrous
The second they meet my sweet almond scent?
My softness folds into them
Willing an arena to form
So we can play
(I want to press my firm breasts against you)

Should I speak of your dark curly hair,
That I know you grow long because I like it?
That hair between my fingers,
Pins me to the ground like gravity
And I wouldn’t have it any different
(I want you to press my amenable body  against the wall)

Or instead of physical attributes should I speak of your kindness and patience?
You not only tolerate my distractions
But encourage me to grow
I’ve done things I never thought I could
Because you gave me a solid base to leap from
You are both the cliff and the air
The sea and the ship in a hurricane
(You’re a tree I can wrap my ambitious legs around)

I have never felt our language as limited as I do when I talk about you

so we will expand:

Yo quiero comer tu piel como una intacta almendra,
Mi amor,
I adore you.

Published by AGirlDelighted

Why don't you come to my house? Why don't you drag me right out? Past all the shit that I said, I'm saying Why don't you cut up my mouth? And I don't care what you use Just don't ask me to choose I forced a field to allow you That's not so easy to do I said, I said what I said I want you to help me (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Locked in a body In love with the process of... Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open Night light comes into my room Some shade of bruise-colored blue Moves through my mind like a chemical Imbalance on schedule Rend It by Fugazi

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