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And So It Goes…


I have a scarFrom my breast boneDown to my pelvis bone Bisecting me like a mountain range It’s deepWhere they cutInto my vena cavaA piece of meThat was never meant to be seen                Much less touched The surgery saved my life But my skinBears the painOf being ripped apartAnd sewn back together again My brain…


I woke up with a poem inside meTaking its placeIn the space you abandoned The unreached lightBetween my ribs,A tiny cave that went Unoccupied for so longI had forgotten it was ever there. But you sniffed it out;You found it,And curled your heart, peacefully, next to mine. Pumping together simultaneously,Making our bodies thrumHeightening our sensesAnd our…


I wanted to have a choice, Why is that such a struggle for men, for you? You broke my choice down, into digestible chunks, And then wondered where my voice went.

I Hope I’m Still Here

I know you left out of self preservationI know I’m not a mere sparkI’m a raging hellfireAll consumingAll the timeYou had to save yourselfBefore turning to ashA pillar of saltAnd mourningWhat you don’t knowIs I’m also JoyI’m your happiness incarnateAll inspiringAll the timeWe could have saved each other.You’ll never know thatMy midnight hair,smells like black vanillaMy bronze skin, Is…


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