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You pushed too far
Your tendrils curled around my thighs, slinking
Wrapped around my hips, gripping
Caressed my waist, prodding

Slithered to my lips while slipping down my throat searching for a story that I wasn’t ready to tell

You saw colours inside me and wanted them for your own, shimmery and folding into each other, if you couldn’t touch them, bring them forth, then how could you ever know me? 

And if I didn’t let you, how could I ever know you?

These tentacles bind us, slide between us, as words unspoken, but they pulled us so close together I can’t see you as you are

I see you as I want to see you:
Rapt eyes searching my face and losing their own identity in my dark eyes
Nose unknowingly recognizing the scent of my skin,
familiar to you but not since before you were born,
our pairing made before either of us knew we’d be stuck in these mundane bodies

How can two souls ever connect with all this weighing flesh in the way?

Mouth mumbling against my neck, I can’t hear what you’re saying but I know it’s something you wouldn’t dare have me hear anyway

Willingly pulling my colours forth,
(I need to know you)
I erupt in rhapsody,
an envy of the heavens,
and suddenly you’re unsure of your own survival

I tried to warn you before:

I’m taking you with me

Published by AGirlDelighted

Why don't you come to my house? Why don't you drag me right out? Past all the shit that I said, I'm saying Why don't you cut up my mouth? And I don't care what you use Just don't ask me to choose I forced a field to allow you That's not so easy to do I said, I said what I said I want you to help me (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open (Oh) Surrender, rend it, it's yours Locked in a body In love with the process of... Surrender, rend it, it's yours Out in the open We're wide open Night light comes into my room Some shade of bruise-colored blue Moves through my mind like a chemical Imbalance on schedule Rend It by Fugazi

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